... if using vanilla React

If you use Vanilla react, you are likely to have dealt with state with one or both of two main vanilla approaches.

Vanilla state management

Old school: setState + callback props

This pattern makes sense to use when what you have to deal with is small and self contained.

The problem with this is that it doesn't scale well, if your original component uses this approach and over time it grows, you are likely to find yourself passing way too many callbacks, and to also pass them too deep in your component hierarchy.

A solution to this would be to put your state in Redux, but then you would have to deal with all the boilerplate, and you will loose the fact that this state was encapsulated in the component.

With ConanJs, you don't have to compromise, Conan State is designed to let you choose where to scope your state, and makes updating the state through its out of the box actions even simpler than if you were to do it with setState + callback props.

We would recommend having a look at this demo to see how to manage local state with ConanJs

pageHello World

Cool kids: hooks + context

You might be doing React Hooks and using the React Context API as the container of your state.

This is a very powerful pattern of which we are very fond. That is why ConanJs lets you work with the Context and it has its own hooks built-in out of the box.

Basically, you can conceptually use the same approach, and yet again, make no compromises, you can still decide to use this for some state, but then, for some other state, to scope it globally because it is more sensible.

With Conan State we made an effort to avoid developers making compromises.

Usually you would pick a pattern/framework or two to manage your state, and this would constraint you to a certain scope, or to a way of updating/observing your state.

With ConanJs, you pick, how to create your state, how to scope it, how to observe it, and how to update it.

More Demos

This demos will provide you with real world scenarios to use ConanJs

pageTodospageGithub issues viewer

And more...

If this was not enough, we have some more features included.

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