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Two Albertos - 50 years of experience!

Meet Alberto Gutierrez and Alberto Almansa, 50 years of combined experience!

First conclusion should be obvious then

In these 50 years, (many of them contracting in the UK), we have done lots of different things, we have had experience fulfilling many end to end roles, from senior devs, to technical leads, architects...

We had experience in

  • eCommerce (IKEA, John Lewis, LEGO...).

  • Finance (Prudential, RBS, Barclays..)

  • Media (Sky)

  • Aviation (SITA)

  • ...

And we have meaningful experience with many different technologies:

  • Java

  • Microservices

  • Groovy

  • Bash

  • Oracle

  • MySql

  • MongoDb

  • Js

  • Serverless stack

  • Typescript

  • React

  • Angular

  • PHP

  • Cloud architectures

  • ...

Cut to the chase!

OK, so you get it, we have been around, but mostly, we have involved for many years on end to end web applications.

Let's have a look at some facts:

JS, and full stack developers are in high demand:

There are many more articles that we could link that will support what we think is something that pretty much everyone with experience in the industry will agree with.

JS is the hottest and more exciting platform to be working as a developer at the moment

Note that this statement is not meant to start a holy war around which language is best. We put the emphasis on JS as a platform, not a language, let's see why:

  • Browsers have matured to a stage where they can support most enterprise requirements

  • Cloud infrastructure and SaaS are allowing the integration of services and deployment to a degree never seen before.

  • Internet access is ubiquitous.

All together, it makes for an ecosystem where JS is the de facto runtime language to support enterprise requirements.

This is still an ongoing process where most companies have been caught migrating their old desktop apps to the browser, or learning how to develop them for their new applications.

While the advent of new UI frameworks is and obvious step on the right direction to provide with tools for developers to deliver these requirement, we also think that they are overlooking other areas from a web app that should be agnostic to the UI framework of your choice.

In ConanJs we try to cover the technology gap between enterprise requirements and UI frameworks by providing with the tools necessary to manage the state, and the runtime separately from the UI.

Meet the Albertos!

In the following picture you can find:

  • The two Albertos that have perpetrated this framework.

  • A bonus Alberto Jr.

  • The missuses.

  • A little boy which middle name is Conan (not kidding).

  • Bonus, not in the picture: (She was still in daddy's pipeline). A little girl which middle name is Xena (again, not kidding)

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