... if learning React

If you are learning React, you might also be probably learning web development, in which case, be prepared, React, or Angular or Vue... are not the only things you are going to need to learn.
Modern web development is a beast and is (in our opinion), too fragmented.
You will have to learn lots of frameworks and libraries to be able to do a simple CRUD (Create / Read / Update / Delete) application.
As our goal states,
To make developing end to end web applications easy and scalable.
We are trying to close this gap and to provide a framework that focuses on real world end to end cases:
We know, you were not expecting this! Is normal to get emotional.

Where to start from?

We would suggest, as a learner, to not focus on the concepts just yet but get hands-on first.
Let's think of specific use cases where ConanJs might come in handy:
  1. 1.
    I have to update some data from a button and the UI should change too Hello Wow!
  2. 2.
    I would like to see how I can handle a little bit more interactivity, but keep it simple, no async Todos
  3. 3.
    I would like to add async actions to my app - Super easy with ConanJs! Todos - Async
As of v1.0 we have demos to cover state management, but soon enough we are hoping to add more demos to cover for forms, layout, navigation, CRUD...
Stay tuned!

Feeling more confident?

If you have played around with the demos, you should have an idea of what ConanJs is about, in which case we would recommend you to deep dive.
You can read more about Conan Data
Or learn about or runtime features

Advanced demos.