How to install/use ConanJs

We will see now how you can start using ConanJs on our end, we will use the code from our Hello Wow!


npm install conan-js-core 


yarn add conan-js-core

Inline JS (CDN)

Code sandbox

You can use our Hello Wow as a starting point

Fork one of our examples

create-react-app + Hello Wow!

If you want to start from scratch with create-react-app, this will get you the files from the Hello Wow! demo into a new create-react-app application with typescript.

npx create-react-app my-app --template typescript
cd my-app
yarn add conan-js-core
cd src
rm App.tsx App.test.tsx App.css
curl -o app.tsx
curl -o index.tsx
cd ..
yarn start

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